In this moment, become more aware of your body.

Relax your facial muscles.  When you blink, let the movements be slow.


Feel into your neck and how your shoulders rise and fall with each easy inhale and enjoyable exhale.  Let your arms and hands rest.

Follow your spine down to your hips and let your weight drop, feeling held.  Relax your abdomen on the next full breath.

Allow your legs to be loose and heavy.  Feel your feet and let them rest.

With gentle attention, breath in and out.

Notice what changes have occurred in your body and mind after this brief exercise.  In this calmer state of being, imagine what focused bodywork sessions can do for your health and your outlook on life.

The primary purpose of my therapeutic massage practice is to offer clients individualized treatments to markedly reduce stress tension.  I have been utilizing my skills and expertise to help people more fully embody themselves since 2000.